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Blend the texture of a classical pianist and a missionary of genus gadgetry/ electronica and you'll have before you a sound both pleasant to the ears and enriching to musical reform. This hybrid defines Cy Scobie.

Cy Scobie is not a band - Cy Scobie is not an individual - Cy Scobie is an aural concept.Cy Scobie's creator, Todor Kobakov, adhered to a very individualistic appreciation of music at a young age.

Born in Bulgaria, he began his musical training at the piano bench. During adolescence, when our musical persuasion is earmarked, Todor moved to Canada, and was introduced to many different philosophies and genres of music.

While studying at the University of Toronto for performance, he began to edge his own musical palette more towards the underground scene in the city. Todor's refreshing ideology of music is what allows insight into his creation of Cy Scobie. He looks back to the greats such as Bach, Mozart, Debussy, and Ravel and credits them with being bold innovators. Each of these artists propelled music forward. Most interesting is that Todor reflects on how these artists were solitary composers, using the tools that they had or created to make their music. He sees what he creates as a similar environment, using what he has around him and what he can contrive in order to build his music.

Musical notes are Musical notes - staccato and long notes - it's interpretation of those notes that defines individual music. Todor's school of thought parlays that it isn't the actual notes or sound that they make, but what surrounds them that causes humans to respond or react to the experience. It is with this in mind that he created his debut album Falling Leaves From Burning Trees (1998) and his latest release Collage, a vinyl EP 12".

If you could allow him one reference to McLuhanism - The medium is the message - then it is his belief that an innovative sound can be best appreciated and distributed on a familiar method such as vinyl. Vinyl is culture; representative of people that have a respect for the past while forging ahead on the path to the future. DJ culture is best exemplified by the homage it pays to the original medium for music - vinyl.

Collage consists of six songs, including "Last Man" (with Sjanie McInnis on vocals), "Last Man" (hip-hop remix with Sugar B. & Skitz), and "Like Her" (featuring the vocals of Atlantic Recording Artist Sarah Slean), "Like Her" (the drum n' bass Os On All Their Mouths remix). Lyrics are not accented on any of Cy Scobie's tracks - but instead - the focus is on the overall concept of the music and all that it encompasses.

Why Cy Scobie? Theories abound - the spine is the essence of human life; it allows one to move forward, to look back, to function in life. Cy Scobie is tall and unfaltering. Whatever your connotation, with this Cy Scobie it's clearly something that tingles your senses upon first listen and continues to tingle your mind as the needle rounds the black sound grooves time and time again. You'll see...