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Sierra Noble

Best known as a fiddle virtuoso who breezes through Celtic, Bluegrass, Jazz, World beat and other styles of music with stunning ease, Sierra's breadth of experience is impressive. Since the age of 7, Sierra has been a student of classical music as well as the traditional music of the Métis. Her talent has taken her around the world where she has visited countries in Asia, Europe and North America. She amazes audiences with compelling contemporary performances which feature exceptional instrumentals, energetic step-dancing and her infectious down to earth charm.

Never one to rest on her laurels, it is no surprise that 18 year old Sierra wants to expand and develop her musical talents. With a new EP to her credit, aptly named "Possibilities", Sierra's journey as a singer-songwriter is off to a promising start. Her voice is a study in gorgeous contradictions - wonderfully pure yet layered with subtle, smoky tones. Her songs speak of universal themes of love, longing and discovery wrapped in infectious melodies and delivered with sincerity and conviction. Audiences will be delighted to know that Sierra does not abandon her first love on this disc – it also features two instrumentals - including a compelling duet with special guest Ashley MacIsaac. She has created an atmosphere where stunning instrumentals and hook laden pop songs exist in perfect harmony. Produced by Bill Bell (Danko Jones, Tom Cochrane, Ian Thomas) and recorded in Toronto, "Possibilities" features some of Canada's finest musicians including Kevin Breit, Davide Direnzo and Kevin Fox.

Sierra dedicates much of her time to various causes, from her involvement with the global fight to ban landmines, her work with welcoming war-affected refugee families to Canada, as well as programs for inner-city youth in Winnipeg, all in an effort to make the world a better place. She has been presented with many humanitarian and volunteer awards for her substantial accomplishments including the Inaugural Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal but Sierra’s greatest satisfaction comes not from awards but from seeing the changes in people’s lives and the impact that the voices of youth can make in the world. It is no surprise that much of Sierra’s inspiration comes from the words of Gandhi., "You must be the change that you wish to see in the world."

In her own words . . .


Possibility was the first song that I had written in its entirety, and it came to life between the minds and hearts of Keith Macpherson, Chris Burke-Gaffney, and myself. I had met Keith a few months before this writing session at a jam at Mona Lisa’s restaurant in Winnipeg where we found we had an instant musical connection and very quickly grew what promises to be a lifelong friendship. We got together to write a song and Keith started plucking away at this guitar idea that he had also played for me about a month before this session and we all started humming some melody ideas…soon the word “Possibility” came stumbling out of Keith’s many mumbled syllables and vocables…and it all flowed out from there…a simple love song that created a lot of possibilities for me and a great writing bond between the three of us.

I Still Do

This was a song that I started to write at home one night…I had the simple three chord progression going over and over…it was a time when I was thinking a lot about my dear friend Lorraine who I had lost to breast cancer a few years before…and also my great grandmother I lost when I was 11. It all came together pretty quickly when I just let my mind wander and let the words come out as they felt they wanted to. The version on “Possibilities” isn’t the original version of this song; it includes a chorus that CBG and I wrote for the song…the original version had one more verse and a less defined chorus…

Try Anything

This was written in Toronto in the beautiful home of Christopher Ward with him, CBG, and myself…when I got to his place they had already started the idea for the chorus, and we transformed it into a great song about transitions in life and love and the cutting of any strings that bind you…letting go…trying new things…loving with no bounds…and jumping in some “damn cold” water.

I Love You More

This was an unusual writing session because of the number of people…4…Keith, CBG, myself, and the talented Miss Jaylene Johnson. It started out from an idea she had…was added to by a sentiment that came from my mom when I was growing up, and grew into the simple, quirky, and relaxed song simply about love…not a love song per say…just a song about love.