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Slim Twig is a friend of abstraction. A chameleonic artist in the tradition of Bowie or Beck, Slim is a performer and songsculptor based out of Toronto.

Twig has pursued his singular artistic vision since 2003, inspired by pillars of music and film avant garde like Scott Walker, Eno, Nick Cave, Thurston Moore, Godard, Lynch and Cronenberg. Naturally, following such guideposts, his sound has morphed several times over in the past few years from his early apocalyptic folk incarnation to a fuller art-pop sound and, most recently, the self-coined genre of Concrete Rockabilly with a gritty, sample-based aesthetic. This appreciation for what can arise from exploring such mysterious ground is as much at the core of Slim's work as any instrumentation, and makes for the particularly memorable live performances that made him a much-talked-about highlight of this year's Canadian Music Week festival.

So far, Twig's musical imagination has brought us a handful of self-releases, secured a spot on EYE Weekly's list of artists to watch in 2008, and put together a two-part series of EPs released on Toronto's Paper Bag Records. Slim's more recent sessions have involved a grittier sound that began to turn eyes and ears last year and will be properly presented on the upcoming Vernacular Violence EP to be released August 5th. His first experiments with these ideas resulted in a distinctly art-pop sound that have been collected and are currently available as the Derelict Dialect EP. Together, the set offers a new perspective on the music of Slim Twig and further clues at what we might expect to see him offer in the near future as he works towards his first full-length album.

Slim Twig has shared stages with the likes of Man Man, Born Ruffians and Miracle Fortress, recently completed a tour with Pop Montreal's Pop Off Tour as the headlining act, and will be a part of this Summer's Pitchfork Festival holding down after-party performance duties. Offstage, Slim can also be seen on screen opposite Ellen Page in Bruce McDonald's The Tracey Fragments as Billy Zero, and has composed music for the award-winning short film Letters From R.