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Soul Side In

Soul Side In features four members, Dan Schmidt (Lead singer), Allen Schmidt (guitar), Jayson Bacho (Drums) and Dayne Finley (Bass).

In early 2007 the band joined forces with Tracey Singer and Chief (Hinder, Veer Union, NB) as management. The band spent several months writing and co-writing with the likes of Trevor Hurst (Econoline Crush) and Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason).

During the early months of 2008 the band packed up and headed out west to record their album with Garth Richardson and Ben Kaplan. What an amazing experience! Dallas Smith (Default) and Trevor Hurst came in and sang on the record with Dave Benedict(Default) playing bass. Once the record was finished they were able to get Mike Fraser to Mix three singles off the record and Dean Maher to Mix the other 9. Both mix engineers come from very talented backgrounds working with bands such as Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Hedley and Rise Against.

In August 2008 the band had their first showcase for Ralph James, president of The Agency Group. After seeing the band preform he sat down with them and said "I Get It!" He has been booking shows for them ever since. As a result of performing at CMW, the band was picked up by International booking Agent Nigel Hassler (President of Helter Skelter). Soul Side In has toured with Default, Buckcherry, The Trews, Mobile, Thornley, State of Shock, Age of Days, the Watchman, Inward Eye, and Rev Thoery to name a few. The newly mixed record has just finished being mastered at Sterling Sound NY by Ted Jensen.