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Thundering drums, grit-ridden vocals, dissonant guitars and warm bass lines coalesce with punk mentality to create a noisy—rock experiment known as Sidharta.

Based in Montreal, the alternative trio has already shown what they are made of by consuming the contrasts, contradictions and the grotesqueries of life and infusing it into their music.

Their first EP, "The Sid Matter" was an edgy experience served with surrealistic feel, hypnotic melodies and lumbering riffs. These aspects have become Sidharta's trademark.

A video was shot to illustrate the band 's unique vision. That video appeared on Canadian music channel listings.

This was only the beginning for these three rocking children from the eastern island.

Sidharta decided that touring would be the only way to spread the sound. They toured across Europe twice. In the summer of 2006, in support of “The Sid Matter”, they toured 3 months across North America, from Montreal to San Diego. Sidharta performed in over 29 cities, and drove 32000 kilometers to feed their starving souls.

Sidharta’s aggressive sincerity and DIY ethic attracted the attention of The Pandemonium Project, an artist development and management company located in Toronto, Ontario. Under the direction of management and highly motivated European producers, Sidharta went to Europe to record the tracks that have become “Rendez-Vous”. Shortly after laying down tracks, Sidharta expanded by joining forces with Addictive Records.

Their new album, “Rendez-Vous”, will leave you in a cold sweat .The album is both socially and musically conscious. From the serrated aggression of "Later Gator", which is inspired by the story of Mark “Gator” Rogowsky, the perfectly nonsensical and anti-structural "View Sonic (on the top), to the highly melodic title track "Rendez-Vous", and its psychedelic imagery that describes a naive impression of ideal romance, "Rendez-Vous" is a match struck unexpectedly in the dark.

Sidharta “Rendez-Vous” will be released digitally to the world and to retail stores is Canada on October 23, 2007 through Addictive Records/Universal Music Canada.