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Servo Biography

Halifax rock outfit Servo put in the time to polish a gem in the land of rocky shores and fiddles on this, their second release. Like a handful of other young East Coast rock acts consistently releasing quality recordings, while growing a fan base wherever the band van takes them, Servo has an exciting new offering this year.

Hootenanny is the follow up to 2003’s The Blue Room and it is rock and roll served straight up: riffs, rebel yells and rhythm served in good measure. The tracks are warm like the guitar amps were left on all night with the windows shut. The Halifax Chronicle-Herald writes, “T he interplay is positively organic, with every rhythm arrangement grown from sturdy soul and rock roots based in Stax, Motown and Muscle Shoals.” Naturally, the usual R+B loving suspects are influences: The Stones, The Faces and The Band, to mention a few. Hootenanny is 10 tracks of original work, and the band’s production steers the music to a time that decidedly predates disco and punk. Drawing on numerous keyboard, horn and vocal appearances from a crop of talented young working musicians and recorded on a shoestring budget in one of the most musically interesting cities in North America, Servo’s Hootenanny is not to be missed by fans of 60’s and 70’s rock that has since come to be known as classic.

Also available: The Blue Room (2003)