Space Elevator

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This elevator takes you into space...

When you first get on, Scotty Karate smiles and Jesse 2X just nods. You're thinking to yourself, what can these space-bound idiots hope to achieve with just a big ol' orange gee-tar and a silly little set of drums? "Man", you say to yourself, "this has been done!"

Scotty K says something like, "Hey! The proof is in the pudding," with his blue gravity honey voice dripping into the microphone. Then he shows you simply as his foot stomps and his body rocks. "Hmmm." maybe there still is time for adorable catchy sing-songs that might hit your heart and roll your head. Now you've got that feeling in your stomach. Is it the tunes? Is it the sexy way you're being stared at? Or... is this elevator stopping?

"Maybe you're just getting old!"


The elevator has stopped, the doors have opened and Maddog is shouting, "Youth can be restored by electricity!" as she weaves her slippery subtle lines into the already dizzying mix.

"Gawd," you say as you drop your shoulders, let out a breath, and start dancing around the tiny Space Elevator.

Space Elevator has been playing here and there over the past year and a half and is beginning to build a following. They are charming and engaging performers with a strong repertoire of irresistible songs. Some are sad, but most aren't.

They have just finished their first full-length, self-titled album with producer Joao Carvalho (Hayden, By Divine Right, Hawksley Workman) for an October 2002 release, and are sure to continue breaking hearts on their journey to the stars.

"Imagine the swagger of Elvis, the energy and vitality of James Brown, the simplicity of the Ramones and the twang of Southern Culture On The Skids..."

Keith Carman (Chart, Varsity)

"Punchy indie-rockers bring salvation to anyone who is waiting for a Toronto answer to Spoon and/or misses Pavement."

Stuart Berman (Eye)