Sit Down, Servant!!

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I Was Just Trying To Help Artist: Sit Down, Servant!!
Title: I Was Just Trying To Help
Year: 2012
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Title Length Sample  
1 In My Time of Dying -- No  
2 If You Think Your God Is Dead -- No  
3 Wrapped Up, Tangled All Up In Jesus -- No  
4 This May Be The Last Time -- No  
5 Motherless Children -- No  
6 Old Landlady Blue -- No  
7 Blackbird Bakey Pie Blues -- No  
8 Between Heaven and Dripping Springs -- No  
9 Tired All The Time -- No  
10 Donít You Miss Me When Iím Gone -- No  

Sit Down, Servant!! is...
Gordie Johnson: Guitar, Vocals, Bass Pedals
Stephane Beaudin: Drums
Produced by Gordie Johnson & Jacob Sciba