Saigon Hookers

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Saigon Hookers

Tommy Smokes—Guitar
Carmine A. Romano—Bass

Loud. Lewd. Gritty and Overdriven.

Such are the essentials of any bona fide rock 'n' roll band from AC/DC all the way through to the Supersuckers, Turbonegro or Hellacopters. Uniting the disparate worlds of guttural attack with lush, unforgettable melody and supersonic guitar solos, the brash, primal essence of rock 'n' roll is unavoidable.

Welcome to what is clearly inherent in Kitchener, Ontario's Saigon Hookers. Formed in the summer of 2005, this raucous, rockin' trio redefines the abrasive albeit energetic dominance of a power trio. From Eastern Canadian tours after barely a month together to busting through the 49th parallel with fellow rockers, Ohio's Luxury Pushers, ravenously adored sets with the likes of Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Black Halos, C'Mon and many more (racking up a whopping 100 shows in their first year), Saigon Hookers' relentless assault is brazen and enduring.

It goes without saying that this endless devotion to The Rock has shaped debut full-length effort, the aptly-titled, Hello Rock And Roll (Addictive Records/ Universal Canada) into a frenzied barrage of four-chord mastery that makes the women swoon and the men rage. Recorded by producer extraordinaire Ian Blurton, Hello Rock And Roll finds Saigon Hookers stepping up their onslaught as blues-based, high-energy rock riffs collide with punk rock ethos to create inspired, unique songs that are quickly becoming a staple of modern rock stations nationwide.

Blasting out 10 songs of adrenaline-pumping, sexy riffage, Hello Rock And Roll not only certifies that true rock 'n' roll still thrives in Canada, but that it only takes three fearless ruffians to take on the unconvinced. Yet another bold addition to Saigon Hookers catalogue, Hello Rock And Roll takes its throne amongst equally compelling works such as their independent four-song live bootleg and five-song EP, the daring You're The Deer, We're The Headlights.

Culled from various equally-passionate bands including Kitchener's The Miniatures, Norway's Sordid Conditions (openers of the 1994 Olympics) and The Babyshakers, Saigon Hookers may have talent and gusto on their side, but experience speaks just as loudly. The band's never-ending lustful relationship with the road continues throughout 2006/2007 as tours with Toronto's C'Mon and Romeo Liquor Store ensure insanity, decadence and plenty of the aforementioned loud, lewd rock 'n' roll…all of which have resulted in proud sponsorships from the likes of Jagermeister and Gibson Guitars.