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Jeff Pearce :: Vocals, guitar
Sean Kelly :: Guitar
Rob Shaw :: Bass
Steve Nunnaro :: Drums

Formed in 2002 by Moist bassist Jeff Pearce, Rye pays homage to American post-punk greats The Replacements, REM and The Pixies with songs that combine strong melodies with raw, emotional performance.

As a founding member of the multi-platinum, Juno award winning rock band Moist, Jeff co-wrote, and co-produced three records with combined sales of over 1 million units and toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows across North America, Europe, and Asia.

As a composer, Jeff has scored dozens of television, film and dance projects. His production and co-writing talents are also featured heavily on Moist vocalist David Usher’s Juno Award winning album Morning Orbit. As a member of David’s touring band, this project also took Jeff well beyond the studio and back on the road across Canada and Asia.

After 18 months of touring, Jeff found himself with a collection of new songs, and with Moist on hiatus, he decided he needed vehicle for showcasing them. The bus wheels were still warm when Jeff decided to trade in his bass for guitar and set out to find like-minded musicians to take his own original material on stage and into the studio. After recruiting guitarist Sean Kelly and drummer Steve Nunnaro of British based TB records band Crash Kelly, Jeff completed Rye’s lineup with the addition of local bassist Rob Shaw.

In rehearsals they developed the character and complexity of Jeff’s songs by allowing the individual styles of each player to shine through. Song by song, each of the four members made the material their own, widening the scope of the music, from tenderness to primal aggression, feral screams tempered by sweet, soaring harmonies.

The band has now played dozens of shows throughout Ontario, and has started to develop a strong fan base. On stage Rye melds elements of 60’s psychedelic music, 70’s glam, 80’s post-punk and 90’s alt-rock, often tripping on the thread that binds these styles. The first Rye record, “Wolves”, was released in June 2004 by Vibrahive Records and is distributed by MapleMusic/Universal.