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Ryan Neilson


I've always thought those third-person introductions sounded incredibly phony, so here I go, speaking on the topic of myself.

I grew up in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada, just about as far east as you can go before falling into the Atlantic Ocean. As a child, my mother tried to get me interested in the piano (we had a big old Heintzman in our house) but I could not be persuaded at the time. I do remember, however, that I was always singing along to whatever happened to be playing on the radio or stereo. I sang in choirs throughout elementary school and would regularly make up little tunes for myself to sing.

Aside from all that I played various sports, got reasonably good grades, went through shy phases and outgoing phases, and in general was a fairly normal kid.

It was in late junior high or early high school that I took up the guitar (bass guitar originally, come to think of it) partly because I really wanted an outlet for my musical ambitions, and partly because I thought that playing in a band would improve my status with the opposite sex. It's hard to say whether or not the latter is true at all, but I went on with it, playing in a number of short-lived groups that fell in the range from mediocre to awful.

After high school I went to Acadia University in Wolfville Nova Scotia, and spent the most dedicated four years of my life studying guitar and music composition. While I was there I also learned how to play piano at a passable level (though I'm sure the adjudicator on my final piano exam only gave me a passing grade because he hardly wanted to hear me play J.S. Bach for him another time).

All that history basically brings me to where I am now, 22 years old and finally recording a full album with a great producer (Tim Feswick, Feswick Productions) who happens to live near my hometown. The finished product, titled "Four Walls" is due out in July 2008.

Thanks for listening!