Revival Dear

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Revival Dear

The band is:
*Shelley Hayes (Vocals/Mandolin)
*Ed Orso (Guitar/Vocals)
*Nick Kruppa (Acoustic)
*Terence Gowan (Bass)
*Michael Boguski (Organ)
*Gord Stevenson (Drums)

There was a time when music was a craft performed by artisans who rode the rails and played from the heart. A time when music was central to communities, bringing people together and inspiring change. If you have ever longed to go back to such a time, then Revival Dear will ride straight into your heart.

Revival Dear has found a way to be a part of the past and a part of the future at the same time. Imagine a marriage between classic rock legends The Band and Fleetwood Mac, and youíll have a pretty good idea of their sound. Yet Revival Dearís music is fresh, totally alive, and very relevant in todayís music scene.