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The Way I Feel Artist: Remy Shand
Title: The Way I Feel
Year: 2002
$12.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 The Way I Feel -- No  
2 Burning Bridges -- No  
3 Everlasting -- No  
4 The Second One -- No  
5 The Colour Of Day -- No  
6 Take A Message -- No  
7 I Met Your Mercy -- No  
8 Rocksteady -- No  
9 Liberate -- No  
10 Looking Back On Vanity -- No  
11 The Mindís Eye -- No  

Produced by Remy Shand
Engineered by Remy Shand
Musicians Remy Shand (organ, guitar (acoustic), percussion, piano, bass (electirc), glockenspiel, guitar (electric), sax (alto), sax (tenor), clavinet, arp echoplex, beat box, vocals, wurlitzer, synthesizer strings, analogue synthesizer, vocals (rhythm))