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Toronto’s most Independent hip hop collective.

It’s safe to say that almost every Torontonian who reads this has come across a sticker with the iconic Rhythmicru logo – in a bathroom, on a public phone, at a show, or somewhere across the city – some time in the last several years. Like the city they represent, Rhythmicru is diverse enough to be equally at home dropping jazzy, De La Soul style head-nodders or political battle cries. Their "Heads Connect" concert series at the Rivoli is one of the most anticipated regular hip hop shows in Toronto.

Rhythmicru has released five full-length albums: Rhythmicwho? (2002), Open Canvas (2004), Roxton Chronicles limited edition (2005), SuperToke Vol. 1 (2006), and Supertoke 2 (2007). With an established fan base and strong on-line presence the crew is known for their live show. They have opened for Guru, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Atmosphere, Billy Talent, Ill Bill, Non Phixion, and One-Be-Lo.

After touring Taiwan in 2007, Rhythmicru is set to release the highly anticipated Supertoke 2 on their new imprint label Heads Connect Entertainment. Distribution: Fontana North

Press Quotes

“The local rap collective (Rhythmicru) – known for its exuberant live show – doesn't just have respect in the local rap scene, it's working to build that scene.” -The Toronto Star, Mar 25, 2007

“Rhythmicru are everywhere. The Toronto hiphoppers are a persistent promo powerhouse, their posters roller-brushed up all over downtown, their stencils splattered all over GTA sidewalks”. -NOW magazine, Dec 21 2006

“When it comes to independent Hip Hop music in the city of Toronto there is no finer group than Rhythmicru” -Barry Taylor, 102.1 the Edge, Dec 2006

“Rhythmicru’s rhymes were passionate and flowing, as the group bounced energetically across the stage. Just how deep was that deep bass?” -The Live Music Report, Dec 2006

“Canadian hip-hop collective Rhythmicru has been steadily building its rep. Supertoke Vol. 1 is a nice production showcase for D-Ray that also serves to keep Rhythmicru's name out there before their next full-length.” -PopMatters.com, May 19 2006

“MCs waxing poetic over a variety of beats” -Montreal Mirror, March 23 2006

“Local collective Rhythmicru are a hip-hop force to be reckoned with. Earlier indie releases sold in excess of 2,000 copies, establishing the Cru as an act to follow. SuperToke ups the ante.” -Eye Magazine, March 2 2006

“super smoked-out, drum-dominated grooves” -Exclaim! , March 2006

“A fresh offering to the Canadian underground hip hop scene with catchy beats, interesting samples and humorous musings” -The Concordian, March 2006

“NNNN...in-your-face lyrics over shorter cuts. (Punk-rock-style, each track is one to two minutes long.) Wafting fumes of sonic hydro in the form of blazin' Beatnuts-style riddims” -NOW Magazine, March 2 2006

“Top to bottom collection of some of the finest hip-hop our country has to offer. Will please both hardcore hip-hop heads and casual listeners” -sceneandheard.ca, April 2006

“I've twice seen Rhythmicru tear up stages and charm crowds. A solid mix of mid-'90s-influenced beats, catchy melodies and tight lyrics and flow “ -Eye Magazine, March 18 2004

“Mixing a traditional hip-hop wardrobe with a punk sense of style and eventually even a full black suit, this group made full use of the wardrobe. The collective captivated the audience with their enthusiasm” -Chartattack, June 2004

“Leftist lyrics, deftly creative beats and a wide palette of styles and flows set Rhythmicru leagues apart” -Eye Magazine, December 18, 2003