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rob lamothe is not the new, fresh thing... he's been writing songs for 30 years and in the last 10 years alone he's turned down and/or been totally unaware of more opportunities than the average working musician gets in a lifetime. rob began performing at age 9, singing in a travelling church choir... in latin. by the time he was 12 years old he had made his recording debut, singing on two albums with a choir that was comprised of the best young singers in southern california. rob's teenage years consisted of 3 things: songs, girls and songs about girls. o.k., 4 things... rob was a true golden haired, brown-skinned california surfer-boy.

rob lamothe has made albums for epic records in america, released cd's from his own kitchen table and everything in between. he's won an edison award in holland, been on the billboard charts and had one of his songs on the "melrose place" t.v. show. he's been featured in high times magazine, written songs on a triple platinum-selling CD and survived the "eighties" on the sunset strip in los angeles... buying leather pants instead of food, rehearsing a 90 minute full-on rock show twice a day and sharing stages with bands like guns'n'roses and cheap trick at night. there were groupies and drugs and sometimes it got ugly.

all of this didn't lead rob to fame and fortune, but he's got a catalogue of songs that some people would kill for. rob travels to europe several times a year to play there for a loyal following that he's built up over the past 10 years. he sings like an angel and plays his big, ol' gibson acoustic guitar like a neanderthal.
rob lives in hamilton, ontario. his kids friend's think he's famous and he can still get into those leather pants, by god.

some career highlights from the last decade or so:

2003 rob has a new record out called above the wing is heaven, released on southgroove records (new york). the CD features a handfull of new songs and rob even covers black sabbath's "paranoid". rob's friend brian robertson (thin lizzy) guests on a song, rob's kids kids join in on piano, djembe drum and background vocals and the entire CD is recorded in a stripped-down, "live off-the-floor" setting. rob is scaling back his performing schedule to concentrate on his songwriting and has just signed a publishing contract with nettwerk productions (vancouver).

2002 rob spent a good part of the year playing in europe (4 tours), promoting several new records. The first is a collection of live recordings, steering with my knee, recorded in san diego, rochester and on rob's front porch in hamilton, ontario. the second is rob's latest studio recording called wishing well motel. rob also sang six songs on american blues guitar player craig erickson's cd, shine, released by grooveyard records in the u.s. and provogue records in europe.
rob played at a slew of festivals in the summer of 2002, including the stan rogers folk festival, festival of friends, eaglewood folk festival and the hillside festival. rob also toured in holland, germany, england and belgium this year, making 4 trips to europe in 2002.
in addition to his busy schedule as a singer/songwriter, rob found time this year to produce cd's by doug mcarthur, the catfish blues band and fiddlers 3.

2001 rob played many music festivals across canada (including blue skies, islands folk festival, eaglewood, edge of the world festival), performed at toronto's CNE and played successful shows in new york and los angeles as well as touring through holland and germany. He also recorded a four song EP, brave enough, which features a full band including his friend vivian campbell on guitar and a 20 piece string section. a video for the song "brave enough" was produced.

2000 rob produced cd's by ray materick, lisa winn, melissa mcclelland and mike daley. he toured in europe, performing sold out shows in germany and holland, backed up by his "dutch rock band", which features brian robertson on guitar. rob's website received 3000+ hits per day.

1999 i am here now, rob's third solo cd, is released on admm records in canada. james muretich at the calgary herald calls it a "phenomenal disc". rob is invited to play at festivals throughout canada, including the festival of friends and quickly becomes a favourite of fans and musicians alike. rob tours in england and holland... and plays a weeks worth of shows with eric andersen in germany.

1998 rob's second solo cd, being human, is released in europe and japan. "...lyrically picturesque and blessed with the dramatic turn of the crispest fiction..." says philip wilding, bbc radio, u.k. also in 1998 project hum, a collaboration with Hamilton musicians, is released independently. this limited release, signed and numbered, is sold all over the world exclusively through rob's website.

1996 rob releases his first solo effort, gravity, in europe and japan. andreas hoehn, frontiers magazine, u.k. says " of rock's best voices...gravity is essential." rob tours holland and germany.

1994-95 rob moves to hamilton, ontario and is welcomed into an incredible community of artists, singers and songwriters. he plays guitar, writes songs and hamilton begins to feel like home. rob eventually becomes a canadian resident.

In 1992-93 riverdogs record two cd's for release in europe and japan on dream circle records, absolutely live and bone. the band tours through england, wales, belgium, sweden, germany, holland and america.

1990-91 as lead singer and main songwriter of riverdogs, rob makes his major label debut on epic records. this self-titled release was produced by jeff glixman (georgia satellites) and michael frondelli (crowded house). it receives the edison award in holland.

some quotes about rob's records:

"a songwriter of considerable taste and confidence, lamothe proves himself this time as a producer/arranger of unusual ability... most outstanding is his voice, an eerily beautiful and well-conditioned instrument" greg quill, toronto star ~ reviewing wishing well motel

"...a collection of songs full of grace and vision... prepare to be brought to your knees, gently." philip wilding, bbc radio, u.k. ~ reviewing wishing well motel

"in the tradition of any great folk singer/songwriter, rob shares intimate morsels from his life with a clever ability for story telling through beautiful poetry and vocal emotion... front to back i am here now is stunning, inspiring, and complete." janine stoll ~ reviewing i am here now

"a kind of 'folk music' seldom heard anymore, literary and mysterious and not afraid to follow it's own erratic path..." craig maciness, hamilton spectator ~ reviewing i am here now

"out of this world soulful voice" rolling stone magazine, europe ~ reviewing gravity