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All The Way Home Artist: Radiogram
Title: All The Way Home
Year: 2002
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Self Helpless 5:14 No  
2 Gone To Stay 4:43 No  
3 Whiskey In My Bed 6:45 No  
4 Summer Song Summer 4:22 No  
5 Cementary Summer 7:12 No  
6 Buy the Farm 5:18 No  
7 Love Vigilantes 4:23 No  
8 (Waiting For) The Merry Go Round 5:33 No  
9 Can America 5:19 No  
10 Not Here 8:09 No  

Produced by Chon and Ken Beattle
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chon in The Upstairs Sound Laboratory at Profile Sound Studios.

Musicians are Ken Beattle (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jonathan Anderson (lapsteel, electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, trombone, vocals), John Bows (electric bass, upright bass, bowed upright bass), Randy Forrester (electric guitar, baritoneguitar, dobro, vocals), Ida Nilsen (accordion, trumpet, piano, rhodes, vocals), Steven Wegelin (drums, brushes), Shelley Campbell (vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8), Chon (ambience sound and vision), Michael Derrick (organ on tracks 8 and 10, farfisa, pianoorgan on track 5), Bob Egan (pedal steel on track 5), Carolyn Mark (vocals on track 3 and 7), Jesse Zubot (violin on tracks 3, 4, 6 and 9, effected violin on track 1).

Unbetween Artist: Radiogram
Title: Unbetween
Year: 2000
$16.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $11.25)
(approx. EURO 10.36 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Always Crawl 3:56 Yes  
2 Slide 3:04 Yes  
3 Take Me To The Sea 4:31 No  
4 Fault Lines 5:42 No  
5 To This Day 3:50 No  
6 Lost In The Park 3:36 No  
7 Blues For Vancouver 4:48 No  
8 Disparate Times 5:56 No  
9 Everybodyís Friend 2:49 Yes  
10 The Ballad Of Sadie Henry 1:01 No  
11 Bad Side 4:53 No  
12 Heavenís Not Home Tonight 3:47 No  

Produced by Chon & Ken Beattie
Recorded, mixed & mastered upstairs at Profile Sound Studio by Chon

Musicians: Ken Beattie (vocals, acoustic guitar), Randy Forrester (baritone & tenor guitars, acoustic & electric guitars, tiple, vocals), Steven Wegelin (drums), Ida Nilsen (accordion, trumpet), Chon (orgambience, vocals), Jonathan Anderson (lap steel, electric guitar, vocals), Mike Derrick (piano, organ), Jessie Zubot (violin, effected vocals), Shelley Campbell (vocals), Chris Carlson (bass guitar)