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PEEP-SHOW? Where.....?

PEEP-SHOW started in March 1996 as a solo songwriting project for Tim Mech, it quickly developed into a full blown live band by their first concert on June 12th 1998.

PEEP-SHOW features:
Ron Koop - Bass, Vocals
Marks Lockhart - Drums, Vocals
Tim Mech - Hawaiian slide guitar, Lead vocals

There is something special about this fiery three piece rock group.As one of our fans said, " or hate PEEP-SHOW, they will entertain you.

PEEP-SHOW Cocktails CD

Over a year in the making, PEEP-SHOW's first full length CD Cocktails was released on March 31st 2000. So many fans, after seeing them live in concert, had been waiting anxiously for this CD to get wrapped up and on the shelves. Response has been great over the summer of 2000 as PEEP-SHOW sold out their first pressing of the disc, a perfect surprise.

Ten of PEEP-SHOW's best tunes fill up this sexy compact disc, promising incredible bang for the buck. With special musical appearances by Melanie Doane, Kevin Hearn from The Barenaked Ladies, Martin Tielli from The Rheostatics and Canadian rock legends Bob Segarini and Greg Godovitz.

Cocktails has plenty of surprises in store. From the sultry lyrics and deep down grooves to the classic pin-up centerfold in the cd artwork, Cocktails will have something to satisfy all comers.

With a focus on live performance and on-line sales, PEEP-SHOW aims to find their audience on their own terms and to give those people something unique and musically fulfilling in return. Without exception.Let The PEEP-SHOW Begin.

Can you say "Best Unsigned Band"?

The first studio version of PEEP-SHOW's song "Put The Hammer Down" was recorded in April 1996 and appeared on a compilation called Truck Songs, released by the Guelph Ontario based D.R.O.G Records.

PEEP-SHOW entered "Put The Hammer Down" and a home 4-track demo of a song called "Teaser" in Musician Magazine's 1997 "Best Unsigned Band Competition". The September 1997 issue of Musician featured Tim Mech's PEEP-SHOW as one of the 11 winners of the international contest. Winners were chosen by a panel of 5 celebrity judges - Bob Mould, Tori Amos, Vince Gill, Buddy Guy and Joe Satriani.

What kind of guitar is that?

In the fall of 1997, Tim Mech secured an endorsement deal for the handmade acoustic slide guitars that he plays with PEEP-SHOW. A small company named Marc Silber Guitars in Berkeley, California now exclusively supplies the rare custom guitars that you will see on stage and hear on the PEEP-SHOW recordings.

Designed in the style of vintage "Weissenborn" guitars, which were built in the late 1920's and early 30's in Los Angeles, California, Marc Silber Hawaiian guitars define the PEEP-SHOW sound.

For the uninitiated, both slide guitar wizard David Lindley and soulful rocker Ben Harper are two of the most recent exponents of the Hawaiian guitar. Perk up your ears and hear what can be done with a steel bar and an acoustic guitar. Your world will change.

Tim Mech's PEEP-SHOW Takes you on a gigolo's whimsical, lust-filled musical romp.If there's a sexual adventure to be had, it will appear in their songs.Featuring classy lyrics of erotic encounters and sexual desires.No taboos, no topic too hot, no fantasy unexplored.Over 18, please.

A kinky songwriters' crazed orgy of musical styles, Showcasing the sexy sounds of the Hawaiian slide guitar Keeping the listener at the height of pleasure.This music will always bring ultimate fulfillment.

We'll give you what you need, and make you want it again.Stop sleeping around with "average-sized" bands that just come and go.Take a long, pleasurable erotic ride with Tim Mech's PEEP-SHOW And find out why you just haven't been satisfied lately...


Oct.96 - PEEP-SHOW song "Hammer" appears on DROG's Truck Songs cd.

Sept.97 - PEEP-SHOW is named one of Musician magazine's best unsigned bands.

Jan.98 - Tim Mech writes article for Musician magazines "98 Touring Guide".

Feb.98 - Tim Mech performs with Rheostatics on CBC tv's "Midday".

Mar.98 - Tim's first live PEEP-SHOW performance at The Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

- Tim's solo appearance at SXSW 98 with C.C. the exotic dancer

May.98 - Tim plays solo shows in Pontiac, MI and Monterey, CA

June.98 - First full band PEEP-SHOW concert

The song "Red Wings" on Detroit radio during Stanley Cup playoffs

Aug.98 -Tim appears on Rheostatics cd "Nightlines Sessions"

-Tim performs with Rheostatics on Mike Bullard Show

Sept.98 - Start of recording for Cocktails CD

Oct.98 - Dave Bidini's book "On A Cold Road" mentions PEEP-SHOW in Chapter 9

Feb.99 - PEEP-SHOW have a tune on "Who's Your Daddy" an xtreme paddling video

Mar.00 - PEEP-SHOW CD Cocktails officially released

May 00 - Tim Mech sat in with the "Open Mike Band" on The Mike Bullard Show

Aug.00 - PEEP-SHOW are featured on the cover of Hamilton's "View" magazine

Sept.00 - Tim and Ron make a cameo in a music video by "The 3 O'Clock Oaktree"

Nov.00 - Peep Show have songs used in 2 episodes of City TV's "Fashion Television"

Dec.00 - PEEP-SHOW depart on their self-booked, first Western Canadian tour

Ron, Marks and Tim, best known as..."The Men Of PEEP-SHOW"

These hard-bodied-hot-blooded-well dressed young men have taken their risque road show across this whole great province,turning on women and men at every stop with their brand of erotic rock music.The stage is set and the moment is NOW...Daughters lock up your mothers...Here we come!This is one band that will die hard!!!