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projektor play intense, dark and dynamic music. an impressive and inspiring live group, red wolf glass is the band's equally stunning debut cd.

recorded by juno winning producer Brandon friesen at studio eleven, the band features members of several of Canada's better known independ ent groups such as kittens, meatrack, leaderhouse, and room 237. together they play expansive and propulsive songs which join bottomless, brightly resonating melodies with expertly anchored silver rhythms.

projektor was originally formed by vocalist/guitarist/bassist jahmeel after his previous band, the kittens, went on hiatus. jahmeel began working with longtime friend bassist/guitarist Chris harder on material which represented both individuals' first foray into serious songwriting. after working with a number of people, they eventually found the two other musicians that completed the group: guitarist/vocalist Justin leader (leader house) and drummer Barren achorn (meatrack). they began playing in early 2000 as projektor, quickly meeting the high expectations fans had for the new group. intense live shows drew enthusiastic audiences, a debut 7" featuring "double dragon" held down the # 1 spot at local campus radio, and the band was featured as one of the province's best new groups in the winnipeg free press.

projektor have completed one Canadian tour through Ontario and quebec with several more dates to come following the release of red wolf glass. a western Canadian tour, including several dates with north of america, is scheduled for the first week in may with dates in Ontario and the midwest to follow in june.

red wolf glass was supported by manitoba film and sound. endearing and projektor gratefully acknowledge their support and all government funding for the arts.