The Populars

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Ernie Basiliadis, Drums & Vocals
Dave Klym, Vocals & Guitar
Ben Wilson, Bass & Vocals

Armed with a tattered van, some broken gear, and a passion to play, drummer Ernie Basiliadis and guitarist Dave Klym were two guys from the Alberta prairies who spent several years (and many, many miles) touring and performing around the world. After a few years playing in the Nashville scene, Dave & Ernie decided they wanted to do something completely different. They had a simple vision: to create their own, new sound; a sound that borrows from and celebrates the music of the artists they love. It was 2002 when they headed to Ontario to form The Populars, a power trio made complete with the addition of Toronto bassist Ben Wilson.

The Populars influences are all over the map. Starting with pop innovators like The Jam, Joe Jackson, and Squeeze, to punk rock staples like the Dead Kennedys, The Dickies and The Ramones, and throw in a few classic rock legends like The Who, Tom Petty, and The Kinks, The Populars honor their heroes with a sound that emphasizes catchy hooks, well-crafted melodies and their sheer ability to play.

In 2008, The Populars will release A Pill For Everyone on Kindling Music/Warner Music Canada, their second full length album that follows their 2005 debut, the vindicator lp. Produced by Moe Berg of The Pursuit of Happiness, “A Pill For Everyone” offers a little bit of everything… ranging from the soulful “I Feel Better Now” to the driving, rhythmic beat of “Good News,” to the sardonic pop gem “Teenage Party Girl” and alt-country Birdsesque “Can You Keep A Secret?” Dave Klym explains, "In all honesty, for every song we wrote, we just tried to write a melody that would get Joey Ramone’s stamp of approval."

Apart from their quirky, edgy pop sensibility, one of the most defining elements of The Populars experience is their live performance. The band gives their all during their theatrical, energetic sets, making each and every show a unique, personal experience for their fans. “We play every show like it's our last," says Dave Klym. "The best thing for me is that what ever sort of insignificant problems I may have that day, it all evaporates when I get on the stage with these guys. It really is a privilege to play. To have people that show up and want to see us play the music we created – that is really powerful. It’s essential to give everything we have to our fans, every night, at every show. That chemistry and enthusiasm is what makes it so exciting."

The Populars toured their debut album hard and will gladly keep up that hectic pace with A Pill For Everyone. "The trick is to expose people to this new album, doing it the old fashioned way. Playing live is one of many ways to do it. It also happens to be what we live for," says drummer Ernie Basiliadis. Adds bassist Ben Wilson: “This is really an exciting time for us. We’re seeing more and more fans at every show we play, and they’re just so passionate about our music - it’s awesome. We can’t wait for everyone to hear how we’ve evolved with the new songs we’ve written.”

The Populars believe that in today’s over-marketed and overmedicated society there seems to be a pill for everything. For them music is the best medicine. So fill out your prescriptions with "A Pill For Everyone" and use three times daily.

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