Paul MacLeod

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Paul MacLeod is about to release Bright Eyes Fade, his third solo record in fifteen years as a professional musician. On paper, three records in a decade and a half doesnít sound all that impressive, but MacLeod hasnít exactly been sitting around fiddling with his telecaster and picking out the coolest shirt to wear in his press photos. Paul MacLeod is undoubtedly one of Canadaís most valuable, sought-after, and tenacious singer-songwriters, and when a new record of his emerges, you had better believe that that record is built of sweat and blood and beautiful, heart-shattering songs.

MacLeod has maintained an ultra-prolific presence on the Ontario club circuit both solo and with his prog-rock super-group Hibakusha, (who released their debut in 2005 after a decadeís worth of toil). With this sort of schedule itís amazing that even two solo albums have been released. His first, Tell The Band To Go Home was actually recorded live at Edmontonís Sidetrack Cafť while on tour with the Skydiggers. His last, Close And Play was recorded and produced by a then unknown wunderkind named Hawksley Workman. In the years since that record, MacLeod has kept busy recording for soundtracks, (with three independent films under his belt), and of course, his newest opus.

So maybe three solo efforts in as many half-decades ainít so bad. The best part is that Bright Eyes Fade is not yet out, but we know itís coming any minute. What anticipation! Rarely can anyone be certain that a record will be pure gold before the needle touches the groove. But rest assured, when you hear the opening notes of lead-off single ďAnnalisaĒ, and you hear that golden voice smiling over his guitar stringsí vibrations, youíll know youíre hearing the best that pop music has to offer.