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Formed while attending the University of Waterloo in 1995, Toronto-based Paintbox continues to thrive in the shaggier fringe of Southern Ontario’s music scene, writing memorable pop tunes filled with melody, harmony, groove and occasional bursts of noise. Their unique spin on modern Canadian pop, combined with their energetic, dynamic, live show, insures that they are a musical force not to be reckoned with.

Paintbox, who took their name from an early Pink Floyd song, started out playing jam nights and local clubs in the K-W area and released a few home recordings. In 1999, after a nearly 2 year hiatus, good fortune found all 4 members living in Toronto. Guitars were promptly dusted off and they began playing the Toronto club circuit. Later that year, Lady Luck flashed a grin on the boys again when they met philanthropist and all around good guy, Bill Carpenter, owner of Park Road Studios, a garage-top studio nestled in the greenery of the Niagara Escarpment. He needed a band to record and his beer fridge to be filled. Paintbox didn’t give it a second thought and things haven’t been the same since.

Tracing a line through their 3 self-produced albums, 2000’s Fuselage, 2002’s Here’s to Modern Living and 2004’s Solar Flare (all distributed by, you can hear rock, pop, psychedelia, folk and country, blended together in a tasty aural stew – a product of countless hours (and struggles) in the studio and their collective musical tastes.

But don’t mistake these lads for a “studio band”. In the past few years, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and hit the road on all-season tires throughout Ontario and Quebec, left a mark on campus charts across the country and licensed tracks to TV & Film, including British-Canadian film, Triggermen, and the MTV/Teletoon animated series Undergrads.

Paintbox is on the verge of launching their latest full-length, Solar Flare – a labour of love that took 18 months to complete in the midst of 5 hectic lives. Currently the band is in the rehearsal studio limbering up and getting ready to support this latest offering in the months ahead. As the album title suggests, the time has come for Paintbox to shine.


“Tight pop songwriting, beard-stroking proficiency and a clever welding of influences equals props for this TO-based band’s sophomore LP. Part psychedelic rock, part guitar pop, Paintbox bounce from casually moody textures to no-frills indie pop, recalling Sloan or Blur at their most up. 8/10”

~ Montreal Mirror, August 2002

“Paintbox has accomplished what few Toronto bands have been able to do: make a great pop album.”

~ Chart Magazine, July 2002

“…every time I receive a new piece of work by them, it's always a breath of fresh air amid the often-uninspired slew of other current releases. The band's latest album, Here's To Modern Living, is no different, and is, in fact, their most well crafted alt-pop opus to date. "

~ Jason Schneider, May 2002,K-W Record