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New Scotland Records

"The life I love is making music with my friends..."

...and I can't wait to press record again. Wille Nelson said it best. I started New Scotland Records to release songs produced and recorded with friends from my musical community, both here in Nova Scotia and abroad. Most of these recordings were made at the Scotland Yard studio on analog tape machines with a love for the spontaneous, the lyrical, and the sonic.

There is a lot of variety amongst these artists but there are a few things that connect the dots: the shack that is the Scotland Yard, the $20 Crown bass drum, the $40 Arc amp, a couple tape machines, cars going by in the background, and first and foremost... great songs.

You can certainly purchase these recordings online but the large staff here at New Scotland Records encourages you to order a physical copy to help fund the annual Christmas dance we throw at the Bayer's Road Shopping Mall. Vinyl records are a fine way to enjoy music and they're almost as indestructible as cockroaches. Lots of time went into making them rocking and rugged for the Salvation Army stores of 2030. Hope you like them, there's more to come.

-Joel Plaskett