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Songs Like Tattoos Artist: Nick Craine
Title: Songs Like Tattoos
Year: 2015
$14.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $9.84)
(approx. EURO 9.07 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Calling You - Bob Telson -- No  
2 Mary Queen of Arkansas- Bruce Springsteen -- No  
3 Make You Feel My Love (Feat. Margo Timmins)- Bob Dylan -- No  
4 Save Me- Ben Mink/KD Lang -- No  
5 Johnny Dollar- Kevin Breit -- No  
6 I Am Ready- Rachel Dennison Parton -- No  
7 Tupelo Honey- Van Morrison -- No  
8 Blue- Joni Mitchell -- No  
9 Mona Lisa-Jay Livingston/Ray Evans -- No  
10 I Believe (When I fall in Love With You it Will Be Forever- Stevie Wonder -- No  

November Moon Artist: Nick Craine
Title: November Moon
Year: 2000
$14.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $9.84)
(approx. EURO 9.07 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Gold Was His Gun 5:02 No  
2 November Moon 4:59 Yes  
3 Call My Name 3:31 No  
4 Bows & Kisses 3:56 Yes  
5 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 3:47 No  
6 Close Your Eyes 4:20 No  
7 Deep Water 4:10 Yes  
8 Call My Name 4:20 No  

Produced by Chris Marks

Musicians: Nick Craine (acoustic & electric guitars, autoharp, wurlitzer, vocals), Nathan Law (drums), Tristan O’Malley (bass), Drew McIvor (keyboards, percussion), Jeff Bird (autoharp, mandolin, rhythm stick, triangle, bass), Chris Marks (accordion, omnichord, guitar), Lewis Melville (pedal steel), Jeremy Shute (trumpet), Vandana Sharma (saxaphone), Peter Kesper (guitars), John Charlton (guitar), Michael Vincent (martini shaker), Sam Cino (drums, tambourine), Josh Finlayson (guitar), Mark Agnew (percussion), Scott Mooney (whistling), Kelly McCullough (flute), James Ogilvie (bells), Paul Macleod (vocals, guitar), Stephen Fearing (guitar), Vicki Fraser, Tannis Slimmon, Wendy Davis, Liz Soderburg, Kate Richmond (vocals)