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Take a look around you. See all the humorless, smug, mopey faces? It's a grey world out there, bucko, and you wanna know why? Because the people need their rock. And outside of a few notable exceptions, they're not getting it.

But all that's about to change. At this time, we ask you to please stand for the presentation of NATIONAL ANTHEM! Okay, you don't have to stand, but do try to pay attention.

NATIONAL ANTHEM is a rock combo hailing from the Toronto area, formed in February of 2001 from a combination of some kick-ass rock and roll types. Specifically we have Kevin Hilliard, formerly of the late lamented Grace Babies, acting as bassist/songwriter, vocalist and the general glue that holds this band together. Joining him on guitar and vocals is Chris Loane, also from the late great Grace Babies. Rounding out the band is future guitar hero Bernard Kehler from Shifty (although we can safely say he’s not a ‘shifty’ guy), and drummer Craig Toutant, ex-skinsman from The Carnations.

And how to best describe the sound these four gents make? Let’s say it’s a pop explosion that will melt in your ears. Or if you prefer a less messy analogy, let’s call it raucous, joyous, ultra-melodic and dare we say it, fun. The National Anthem remembers a time when a two or three-minute pop song could actually provide you with the best two or three minutes of your life, or at least your day. A time when you could sing along to your favorite song, and not have to scream along.

NATIONAL ANTHEM has been flying the flag of rock loud 'n' proud in 2002. Detroit (rock city!) was the scene for the recording of 'Don't Lie To Me', the Big Star classic to be released on 'Big Stars', a tribute to the band to be released this fall in the U.S.. HTZ-FM invited the band to compete in the finals at this year's Rocksearch contest. Meanwhile appearances at Edge 102.1's 'Nu Music Night' and the 2002 NXNE Music Festival (where said, "the band has a combo of pop and rock that really does make you want to shake your ass".) has kept audiences standing at full attention all year.

The latest from NATIONAL ANTHEM is their debut CD ‘Sing Along If You Know The Words’, recorded by uber-producer Brennden McGuire (Sloan, Flashing Lights, The Dears). It is a rock platter so delectable that you'll scarf it down and be back for seconds in no time flat. So keep your ears open for some Anthemic tuneage and as governments are wont to say, resistance is futile. On your feet or on your knees, you WILL salute your NATIONAL ANTHEM!