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Put aside the vintage t-shirts; strip away the labels and signifiers; don’t mind the school-boy looks and tattoos. Just listen to the catchy, inescapable pop-ridden music of Mugshot. Their simple goal is to write great pop songs with dashes of current punk.

Mugshot have put in over 7 years of relentless independent touring, recording and living. Selling over 2000 copies of their “Get Well Soon” EP, touring all over North America with some big bands and some small bands, and being featured in various magazines, Mugshot continues convincing new fans everyday. Luckily, their first full-length album, “Pause and Reflect” is finally coming.

For three months, the band were held up in the studio with producer, Murray Daigle (The Fullblast, Not By Choice, etc) writing and recording their album for JTB Records. Really, it has been years in the making by crafting their song-writing, refining their line-up all to simply write great pop songs. And that’s what they’ve done.