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Hamiltonian Mike Trebilcock has been a staple of the local music scene for years now. Most might recognize him as the front man of the now defunct, Juno winning, (The) Killjoys.

His debut CD, Shield Millions, shows Trebilcock embracing his folkier leanings, while maintaining his pop edge, and for the most part, he succeeds. Tunes like the mellow, funky "Today's Crossword", the country-tinged "Stacked Back To the Wishing Well", and the great reworking of "Dog Hill" (I love Kim Deschamps' dobro work) are fine indications of Trebilcock's talent and range.

Trebilcock recruits the help of the areas finest musicians. Besides Deschamps (Blue Rodeo, The Cowboy Junkies), Carl & Tim Jennings (Freedom Train), Mike Daley (Uncle Violet), Sean Ashby (Sara McLaughlin), and Shelley Woods (Killjoys) are among those who support Trebilcock on the album's ten tracks.

It is a very good debut, suffering only from the production limitations which doom any independent release, but it is the performance, not production, which will make Shield Millions a springboard to bigger and better things for Trebilcock. It will be interesting to see what comes next from him .