Martin Tielli

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Best known as the lead guitar and voice of the critically acclaimed Rheostatics, the Italian born, Canadian bred, enigmatic Martin Tielli's charismatic performances, entrancing vocals, and brilliant song writing has earned him nation-wide respect as one of Canada's premiere musical artists of his time. Instantly recognizable by his signature guitar style, enchanting songs, and unique voice, Martin Tielli was a driving force behind making the Rheostatics one of the most important bands to emerge from the Canadian musical landscape in decades.

In his 13 years with the Rheostatics, Tielli has toured stadiums, written soundtracks, and earned the accolades of the critics and adoration from fans all over the continent.

The true Renaissance man is invisible. That's not one of his murals hanging in the bank and he didn¹t write that song playing in the mall. That flash car driving by does not belong to him and no, he will not be attending the reception and he¹s never been seen shopping either. Yet, everybody knows him. Everybody¹s seen him. Everybody waits for him and everybody wants him. But when he looks in the mirror he sees the mirror. When they¹re calling him he wonders at his name. You see, the true Renaissance man is in a constant state of shock.

Yes, he survived the accident: he walked out of the flames. But he doesn¹t know what year it is and he mixes up his telephone number and gets his birthday wrong. He knows the city though, and if you¹re lost he¹ll show you the way. Even in his sleep he is navigating the alleys, melting into the streets like they were rivers. He is not really of this world and somehow shows us secrets of this place, this place he¹s not from, this place we thought we knew. The confessional voice and unearthly guitar that made the Rheostatics seep into the countryside stands bare before you. His fame is so natural, like the phenomena of winter. His songs are scenery, his paintings unfold melody and somehow Martin Tielli is invisible. We didn¹t even suspect that he was the poppy salesman.