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When you pick up Martina Sorbara's April 9th release, 'The Cure For Bad Deeds', and you hear the elements of jazz, folk, pop and rock on the album, you really shouldn't be too surprised by the musical variety heard there. After all, we're talking about a multi-talented artist who takes the time to make her own guitars and her own clothes, as well as her own music, which is her primary focus.

Martina has very quickly gained the attention and admiration of many involved in the Canadian music industry. The 'Cure...,' produced by Jian Ghomeshi (of the successful Toronto group, Moxy Fruvous), is a fresh musical adventure ranging from the dark and beat-driven 'Bonnie & Clyde II' to the effervescent pop of 'Claudia' to the touching folk ballad of 'Cherry Rd.'.

As Martina's popularity continues to grow while performing regular dates in Canada and the United States, her album is one of those musical gems you want to treat like a secret. It's so good that part of you wants to keep it to yourself, and part of you wants to tell the world.

Most artists aspire to have talents that make them special--a quality about them that forces an audience to take notice. And some artists are special without ever trying to be. Martina Sorbara is such an artist. When one first catches a glimpse of Martina singing on stage it is only the beginning of the connection between the artist and the fan. Aside from her natural, intense beauty and effervescent personality, her voice is angelic with an amazing range, and her passion obvious and proud. Her wise and poetic lyrics are enveloped in an expressive and original style.

Although some would find it difficult to categorize the young Torontonian's music, Martina is becoming more comfortable calling it pop. "It took me a while to accept that I write pop music. That's what it is though. Well, maybe jazzy-rocky folk-pop," she states with a smile.

Performing on stage with only the accompaniment of a drummer, Martina plays both piano and guitar, switching from one instrument to the next throughout her set.

After her vocals, the piano is her primary instrument. She is a self-taught guitarist with a captivating and highly original style. Her interest in the guitar began at age 11. At 15 she began writing her own music and performing it for others. She has already played at numerous festivals, including SXSW in Austin, Texas, The Edmonton Folk Festival, and has opened for such acts as Sarah Harmer, The Be Good Tanyas, Hawksley Workman and Bill Bragg.

As a songwriter, she says, "I feel very satisfied with myself, and my songs, when a listener tells me they understand exactly what I mean. Ideally, I want people to just enjoy the melody and relate to my sentiments."

One of the many outstanding talents that Martina possesses, and that she remains very modest about, is the construction of her own guitars. "Building my own guitars has given me an intimate relationship with my instrument. I don't know if it sounds better than other guitars, but I sure love it more than other guitars." She also enjoys spending her time sketching and focusing on visual art. "I consider art as important to me as my music."

Martina's music appeals to all ages and genders. Perhaps the fact that Martina is influenced by a wide range of artists, from Sarah Vaughan to John Prine to Cyndi Lauper, explains the diverse array of listeners. Her hero, in musical terms, is Tom Waits. "Tom Waits has been on the top of my 'hero-list' for a long time as a result of his unparalleled individualism."

Martina's passion for life is evident and infectious. The songs on "The Cure For Bad Deeds" clearly illustrate that passion.