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Motion Soundtrack makes waves wherever it performs. By developing a performance persona of slacker chic paired with rocker flair, Motion Soundtrack won XFM 104.9ís Last Band Standing finals in May 2003 in its hometown of Vancouver. This win resulted in the opportunity for the band to record in a world class studio.

Motion Soundtrack went into Greenhouse Studios (Nickleback's 'Silver Side Up', Matthew Good, etc.) to record in early July 2003. Todd Kerns (Age of Electric, Static in Stereo) headed up the production team. Over the course of a month, Motion Soundtrack produced an album of meticulously crafted songs that combined traditional pop with splashes of art-rock. This creative partnership raised the bandís music to a new height and gave the album its title: "The Bridge".

"The Bridge" immediately attracted the attention of industry greats, Universal Records and Nettwerk Management. Since winning the Last Band Standing, Motion Soundtrack received much appreciated support from XFM 104.9 with the bandís single, "In The News", garnering regular air time. In addition, the band recently signed on with Nettwerk Management, a merger that is sure to make "Motion Soundtrack" a household name.

"The Bridge" serves as a strong musical and personal symbol for Motion Soundtrack. Most importantly the albumís title symbolizes the connection between time and events, the key to any journey. For Motion Soundtrack, "The Bridge" is proving to be the dynamic link in this bandís journey.