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Matt Ouimet

Matt Ouimet (28) is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, and songwriter from Ottawa. Matt’s musicality transcends genre and his musical voice is clearly heard through any instrument you get in his hands. Whether chicken-pickin’ his way around a telecaster in a up-tempo country romp, or making color waves with his lap steel at a singer-songwriter session, or laying down wide open drum beats at an outdoor event, you can count on hearing his humor, adventurousness, sympathy, youthful energy and beyond his years wisdom.

Matt Ouimet's first album, Silently, is a collection of songs with open, heartfelt lyrics coupled with lush, dreamy melodies that make for memorable music that lingers in the air like a lullaby. There are no gimmicks in these songs; they are harmonic vehicles built on honesty, combining country style, pop arrangements and jazz progressions. Matt will use complex instrumentation or bare simplicity to serve the emotion and groove of the moment. It's hard to believe just one man is making all that music, but on Silently Matt plays every instrument and sings every vocal. The sound is so smooth and organic, so natural and intimate, you feel like you're listening to a band that has been together for fifty years. You will find yourself seduced by music that is deceptively simple until you try to figure it all out! On Silently, Matt has crafted ten pop masterpieces, without a note or a word out of place, and the production nears perfection. Relax and clear your next hour, because you'll want to take the time to enjoy the sonic marvel of Silently.