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Apartment Hunting (Soundtrack) Artist: Mary Margaret OíHara
Title: Apartment Hunting (Soundtrack)
Year: 2001

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Title Length Sample  
1 Was You 2:02 No  
2 Never Came Back Again 4:44 No  
3 Rain 2:58 No  
4 Dream I Had (i) 3:43 No  
5 Ay Candela 3:23 No  
6 Be A Man 3:09 No  
7 Scary Latin Love Song 1:41 No  
8 If You See My Love (i) 1:54 No  
9 I Donít Care 4:33 No  
10 Woo-Hoo 1:02 No  
11 Have You Gone 6:28 No  
12 Apartment Of Cheese Suite 4:09 No  
13 Love Will Take Itís Time 3:35 No  
14 If You See My Love (ii) 1:52 No  
15 Chez Le Nez Suite 8:09 No  
16 Dream I Had (ii) 2:26 No  
17 Hello Yellow Goose (Burning Dog) 1:05 No  

Original score composed & arranged by Mary Margaret OíHara
Original score produced by Mary Margaret OíHara, Rusty McCarthy & Bill Robertson
except tracks 1,4, 8, 11, 14, 16, 17 produced by Mary Margaret OíHara
Additional composing & arranging by Rusty McCarthy & Bill Robertson

Musicians: Mary Margaret Oí Hara (Vocals), Rusty McCarthy (guitars, bass), Mike Sloski (drums, percussion), Matt Horner (keyboards), Russ Boswell (bass), Celina Carroll (vocals, percussion), Chip Yarwood (guitars), Louis Simao (bass), Bill Robertson (vocals, acoustic guitar), Michael White (trumpet), Dennis Keldie (accordian), Phil Dwyer (clarinet, saxaphone)