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Michael Brennan: A big man who sings the truth
A country artist’s biography

Anywhere But Here is a strong, rough-around-the-edges second album; country music with heart, soul and urban smarts.

Michael Brennan is a big man; slightly rumpled, like many people who teach for a living, have wives and families, and don’t drive late model cars fresh off GM’s production lines.

But, as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by the cover.

Michael Brennan is on stage, fronting his crack edgy country band, with some of the best musicians in Toronto. He’s in charge and suddenly the attention is on a voice that rumbles and trembles, and on songs that are as true and direct as the man who is singing them.

Now he’s released his second solo album: Anywhere But Here is a roots rockin’ country record with heart and soul, set in the middle of a big smoky, busy city — but with a clear memory of where he’s from. This is a place, sometimes, where you’d rather not be, if you had the choice.

Michael Brennan is the voice of REAL country music in Toronto. “Country” with edge, true stories, full of honest characters who’ve loved and lost more often than they’ve won. There’s sentiment here, but not much sentimentality. He’s seen a lot; Brennan is the sort of guy — like the characters in his songs — who’s been there and done that and survived.