Music For Mapmakers

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...and somewhere beneath the shadow of Casa Loma's gothic grandor dwell a group of three (3) young men who are intertwining epic soundscapes with pop sensibility. From the depths of time, music has helped people find their way and this release will be no exception...

For music for mapmakers, the journey is akin to that of trailblazers of yore and stretches from the sparse prairie landscapes of Saskatchewan, where one (1) dwelled, to our nation's capital where the other two (2) were studying popular art and culture. They all moved to the land of Queen's Park in Ontario. And there, they would form one (1) band.

The pop sways and the dark sounds pull in the curious mind...

With a lineage spanning the commonwealth's worthier cannons (Arnold, The Smiths), these young dilettantes have drunk from the fountain of ages and have been imbued with visions from the likes of Low, John Ralston Saul, Janet Cardiff, John Coltrane and Benjamin Anastas. music for mapmakers is currently comprised of Derek Ma, Myles Ross Bartlett, Shayne Cox et Neil Haverty. music for mapmakers release their first effort in the form of a seven (7) song CDEP titled ".02" (release date: November 2001) on Montreal's Grenadine Records.