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Fairy Tales & The Death Of Innocence Artist: Michaela Foster Marsh
Title: Fairy Tales & The Death Of Innocence
Year: 1998
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Title Length Sample  
1 Right Here 4:31 Yes  
2 Fallen Angel 5:22 No  
3 Time Bomb 3:33 Yes  
4 Naked In The Water 4:42 Yes  
5 The Maker Or The Holy Man 5:22 No  
6 Obvious 5:37 No  
7 Rag Doll 3:47 No  
8 Drawn (Foothills Of A Dream) 3:53 No  
9 Fairy Tales And The Death Of Innocence 3:55 No  
10 Torn To Bits 5:11 No  
11 The Other Side 4:59 No  

Produced, mixed & arranged by Greg Kavanagh
Recorded at Kavasound, Toronto, Ontario

Musicians: Michaela Foster Marsh (vocals, piano), Steve Lucas (bass), Greg Critchley (drums, percussion), Richard Evans (organ), Hugh Marsh (violin), Hugh Reid (church organ), Thomas Leander (oboe), Leah Wyber (cello), Murielle Bruneau (concert bass), Lenny Solomon (violin), Jayne Maddison (violin), Kent Teeple (viola), Wendy Tummon (cello), Margaret Gay (cello), Ravi Naipali (tablas)