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My Friend Andy

My Friend Andy is a Kingston-based band that started as a songwriting duo in 2006, with Jeff Montgomery on guitar and vocals, and Craig Duff on the drums. After writing a bunch of songs, they began dropping them off to Paul Langlois (guitarist for the Hip and a friend of Jeff’s) for some comments and feedback. Paul liked what he was hearing enough to suggest that they go into the Hip’s Bathouse Studio and lay some of these tunes down.

With Langlois producing, and Aaron Holmberg engineering, they began recording what would eventually become ‘Songs From the Middle’. Paul and Aaron mixed it in Bath, and it was mastered by Andy Vandette at Masterdisk in NYC. A mix of rock and alt-pop, the album is all about the songs, and the recording process was about how to best serve them, and how to serve them up!

My Friend Andy has since added members Paul Cotman on guitar and back-ups (whom Jeff and Craig had played with off and on for a few years), Brian White on bass and back-ups, and their most recent addition, Joe Carscallen (Colour, and Chris Koster’s The Lonely) on guitar.

The band has been playing clubs and festivals in Kingston/Gananoque/Brockville area for past couple of years, creating a loyal following, until recently under their old name, the Jeff Montgomery Band.

Why the name change? Well, besides Jeff not being totally comfortable with the old name, he and Craig had always quoted lines from films in their daily lives, like most of us do. One of those lines was from Shawshank Redemption, where Morgan Freeman says ‘My friend Andy..’ a bunch of times Jeff’s middle name happens to be Andy, and so they agreed that My Friend Andy and Songs From the Middle felt like a natural way to go.

The first single, ‘Snakebite’, is already in regular rotation on KROCK, the Kingston rock station, and word is beginning to spread about its’ appeal.

"Songs From The Middle" is to be released on the Ching Music record label, available online at Maple Music, and distributed by MapleNationwide.