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Memphis was brought together in 2002 by Stars front man Torquil Campbell and long time friend and musician Chris Dumont. Torquil and Chris met in a hospital in Egypt recovering from chronic addiction to sleeping pills.

Memphis writes and records in Vancouver where the drugs are cheap and clean. Chris is from North Carolina, but now resides in New York where he works part time as a carousel operator in central park. How does one describe Memphis? Boards of Canada and Nick Drake meet in a bar; the fact that Nick is a ghost doesn't frighten the Boards at all; they ask him 'round to Brian Greene's house where they all huff solvents and go to sleep. I Dreamed We Fell Apart is the sound of their dreams. Memphis died long ago, but they've come back to life to make a record.

After releasing the A Good Day Sailing EP back in 2002 both Chris and Torquil took a little break, Torq to work on his band Stars, and Chris to focus on his life at the carousel. After their two year hiatus Torq called Chris and Chris answered, and hence the reformation of Memphis. Upon reformation Torq and Chris called upon many talented friends, collaborators, and contributors all willing to take up small residence in Memphis.

I Dreamed We Fell Apart is an album made up of pieces of friends, lovers and neighbors. The recording process has crossed borders from New York to Vancouver to Seattle and North Carolina over the course of summer 2003. Recorded in other people's homes and apartments, you'll hear everything from dreamy keyboards and melodicas to chopsticks and debates on love. Shining stars that appear on the album include James Shaw from Metric, Pat McGee of Stars and Erik Hove among others. They bring together varied and obvious influences from the Apollo period of Brian Eno on songs like "East Van" and "Hey Mister" to the Pet Shop Boys, whom they cover in their version of "Love Comes Quickly".

Memphis is a band, not a side project. Memphis is a resurrection of a dream thought dead long ago. A dream where you're alone having left everything behind, and it's just you and a friend, high on your bicycles, staring into a sun that keeps trying to break through the clouds.