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Moe was a founding member of The Pursuit of Happiness in 1986. The band released it's first independent single and video "I'm An Adult Now" later that year which brought them national attention.

A second indy single, "Killed By Love" was released the following year as the band toured Canada extensively.

In 1988, the band was signed to Chrysalis Records in New York and recorded their first full length record, Love Junk, produced by Todd Rundgren. "I'm An Adult Now" was re-released and became an international smash. Two more singles, "She's So Young", and "Hard To Laugh", were culled from the album and the band toured the world for twelve months. They went straight into the studio to record the follow-up One-Sided Story, again with Todd Rundgren at the board.

Touring (including two trips to Australia) resumed in 1990 and One-Sided Story spawned the singles, "Two Girls In One", "New Language" and "Food".

In 1992, the band signed to Mercury Records and went to Los Angeles to record The Downward Road, this time with Ed Stasium producing.

TPOH toured Canada and the US on the singles, "Pressing Lips" and "Cigarette Dangles" which was featured on Beavis and Butthead.

1995 saw another label change and Where's The Bone was released on Iron Music. This time Moe was behind the board co-producing the record with Aubrey Winfield. Singles included, "Young And In Love", "I Should Know", "Kalendar" and "Gretzky Rocks".

The following year the band recorded The Wonderful World Of... which was conceived as one long piece of music. "She's The Devil" was the lead off single and the video became the bands second most successful clip. Other singles included "Carmalina" and "I Like You".

In 1997 Moe released his solo debut, Summer's Over and did a solo, half music-half spoken word, tour

Sex and Food, The Best of The Pursuit Of Happiness was issued early in 2000 on Razor and Tie records. It includes many of the bands most popular songs as well as unreleased rarities and live tracks.

Moe's work as a producer includes records with The Monoxides, Jennifer Foster, The Grace Babies, Claudia's Cage and most recently, Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars.

As a writer, Moe has been published in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Taddle Creek and Blood and Aphorisms. The Green Room is Moe's first collection of short stories. It is published by Gutter Press.

TPOH members

Moe Berg-Guitar, vocals
Dave Gilby-Drums
Johnny Sinclair-Bass (86-89)
Tasha Amabile-Vocals (86-87)
Tamara Amabile-Vocals (86-87)
Kris Abbott-Vocals, guitar (88-present)
Leslie Stanwick-Vocals (88-89)
Brad Barker-Bass (90-present)
Susan Murumets-Vocals (90-92)
Rachel Oldfield-Vocals (92-95)
Jennifer Foster-Vocals (95-96)
Renee Suchy-Vocals (96-present)