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LYE's live show is a volatile experience that veers sharply from one emotion to another and has been described as not asking for attention but demanding it. 2005 has seen the band release their powerful debut album, Companion, a ten track rock n roll affair replete with elements of industrial, grunge and electronica which is drawing comparisons to a diverse group of artists such as White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails and U2. The band has toured the record extensively and has plans to expand their touring schedule into 2006. The year will also see a nationwide release of Companion and a video to accompany their first single.

After solidifying their lineup, LYE took on new management, a new name, and a redeveloped website and worked for months to perfect their live show. LYE now consists of vocalist Brett Carruthers, guitarist James Toth, bassist Stephany Seki and drummer Nigel Barylewicz. Never afraid to jump from the stage and join their fans, the members of LYE have founded their reputation on an interactive and cathartic live show. Carruthers is a manic frontman whose range of emotion runs from one extreme to another. After announcing this song is a love song Carruthers bursts into a screaming rage amidst members of the audience.

In the current North American music scene LYE is an anomaly: too heavy to be considered indie rock, too industrial to be considered metal, and too talented to be ignored. With a recent sponsorship by Jgermeister, the upcoming national release of Companion, and plans for a music video and an extensive tour, the members of LYE have realized that if there is no place for them in the music industry they will have to make one.