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From The Bitter To The Sweet Artist: LUBA
Title: From The Bitter To The Sweet
Year: 2000
$15.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Sorry 5:05 Yes  
2 Is She A Lot Like Me 4:25 Yes  
3 Let Me Be The One 4:50 No  
4 All Over Again 4:51 No  
5 Sooner Than Soon 4:39 No  
6 How Can I Trust You Now 4:52 No  
7 Inside Out 4:22 No  
8 From The Bitter To The Sweet 4:41 Yes  
9 I Am What I Am 3:59 No  
10 What Would It Take 5:45 No  
11 Anything At All 2:39 No  

Produced by Borza Ghomeshi.Additional production by Eric Lange
Mixed by Borza Ghomeshi & Eric Lange
Engineered by Borza Ghomeshi
Recorded & Mixed at Natural Source Recording Studios

Musicians: Luba (vocals, guitar), Rick Haworth (guitars), Norman Di Blasio (keyboards, drum programing), Kevin De Souza (bass), Eric Lange (drums), Don Meunier (guitar), Andrew Creegan (percussion, dulcimer), Ligia Paquin (viola), Francois Pilon (violin), Sheila Hannigan (cello), Pat Sheehan (guitars), Borza Ghomeshi (guitars)