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Lovemethod is Canada's modern breakthrough rock and soul band. Their unique groove based, melodic music is setting a new standard for a fresh and inspired sound. It is Lovemethod's infectious fusion of rock, rhythm and soul styles that is converting audiences everywhere the band is heard.

Lovemethod was assembled in 1998 by art school friends guitarist Ro Sardana, power soul vocalist Nick Cordero and bassist Jay Stiefel. The three quickly found they had similar interests and influences, and searched to find a style that would combine rock'n'roll with the ol'school R&B sound they had grown up with. They found it. After three years of consistent local gigging, honing their sound and solidifying their lineup, the band is poised to breakout.

The friends completed their line up with drummer Jordan Barker who brings a passionate playing style that sits perfectly with the bands driving edge. On the live front, the band is often joined by keyboardist Robbie Grunwald who tickles the senses with the sweet sounds of his vintage keyboards, as well as a host of Toronto's great musicians. Combined with Stiefel's big bottom end, Sardana's luscious licks and Cordero up front with a voice that won't quit, the group grabs an audience and doesn't let go.

In these days of the cookie cutter trend, Lovemethod's encompassing sound and uplifting chemistry on stage is being regarded as 'refreshing', 'sexy and original', and has many saying that the band is destined for a career on the international stage. Chart magazine gave Lovemethod a rating of 95/100 for their 2000 Canadian Music Week performance at El Mocambo, stating; "…funky enough to rock the Apollo, they're headed for world domination!!" From anthems to ballads, from hope to low down dirty blues, Lovemethod has it all and they're bringing it to the masses.

In 2003 Lovemethod will continue to push forward with their new album, If You Will, and consistent live appearances. Plans for a new single, video and tour are currently in the works. Most importantly the band is focused on the task at hand, bringing real and inspiring music to a thirsty audience. It's time to get it back people… the time is now.