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Grow up in Windsor Ontario Canada and you grow up in Detroit Rock City. With just a mile of water separating the two cities, the influences run deep. LODOWN draws on these influences to create a hard rock “wall of sound” that has become the backbone of this groundbreaking band.

With two successful releases under their collective belts (800x600 in 2000 and Shadowbox Broadcast in 2003), LODOWN crossed paths with famed Canadian producer Darius Szczepaniak, who was to become the catalyst for a series of recording sessions that resulted in the birth of “Black Horse”.

The beauty of this album lies in the eclectic nature of the music and gives the band an almost cult-like sensibility. From the heavy-alternative lead single “Century” to “Dirty Heshan” , which is driven by traditional heavy riffs, to epic styled pieces like the title track “Black Horse”, it’s these contrasts and unique songwriting sensibilities that give the albums a very ominous and heavy feeling. There is definitely weight to this band.

“Heavy without sacrificing substance… shaded and graced by moving musical landscapes that suddenly twist and become almost jackhammer like… one of the few gifts modern rock music has given us in quite a long time” Trent Getty

“Sexy, death metal full of piss and arsenic… riveting to watch” CMW Review

Rock and roll can be dangerous again. There are new areas within the genre to be explored and celebrated. LODOWN is a band leading the way towards a new horizon in rock and roll. Believe in this band, they might just be the most important rock band to come a long in quite some time.

Mike Edwards – vocals
Dave Beacom – guitars
Chris Martin – bass
Steve Brough - drums