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Lioness are an art-dance/rock trio fronted by the alluringly mysterious Vanessa Fischer (vocals and synths) and backed by the thunderous rhythms created by Ronnie Morris (bass and synths) and Jeff Scheven (drums and machines). Their sound is a mix of dark electro dance and sinister rock that has been causing hips to sway and heads to turn. “What You Do Will Come Back To You” is a karmic warning we all should heed...

In our electronic age when DIY is the order of the day for new band, Lioness take it one step further by encapsulating their sound and imagery into one aesthetic. They produce the sound as well as craft and direct the costumes, videos, photos and stage sets. They are a post-modernist trio of artists: a director, a costume designer and a scholar. Scheven and Fischer have worked closely as director and designer for the likes of TV on the Radio, Dragonette and Death From Above 1979 as well as on the Lioness videos. The video for “What You Do Will Come Back To You” features vocalist Vanessa Fischer as the Voodoo Queen, along with her sinister biker henchman band mates, Morris and Scheven. Twysted Monroe and Snoopy Monroe from the famed “House Of Monroe” offer their unique brand of voodoo voguing as "The Dead" who are awoken from their dark slumber by Fischer's haunting voice.

Omens, Oracles and Signs - Vol. 2 is the second single release by Lioness. “What You Do Will Come Back To You” is remixed by five of Canada's buzz worthy artist/producers, vitaminsforyou, Kids on TV, TMDP, I.S.Morris and the debut of Grahmzilla’s new project, Nautiluss. Canada is getting a reputation as a hotbed of talent in the electronic world. Omens, Oracles and Signs Vol. 2 continues to create a danceable archive of this flourishing scene.