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Little Miss Moffat

A native of south-western Ontario, Ashley Moffat – Little Miss Moffat – spent some years touring from Windsor to Toronto and back promoting her rookie E.P., “Midnight Messages” (1999). Incredibly drawn to the Halifax music scene, Ashley migrated east to Nova Scotia in 2000. Little Miss Moffat joined forces with some Halifax musicians and put together the eye opening E.P. “Oh, Come Off It!” (2001). It gave Moffat some solid footing in the local music scene.

Her follow-up LP, “Miss Canada” (2003), was recorded at the Mullet and was co-produced by Joel Plaskett. It featured Joel, Gabe Minnikin, Benn Ross, Lukas Pearse, Mark Bragg, Dale Murray and Brent Randall. “Miss Canada” had a warm sound and rich textures and was a snapshot of a time when the Khyber was the place to see live music and the Mullet was the place to record albums. “Miss Canada” earned Moffat an ECMA nomination and more credibility as a Canadian songwriter and live performer.

Founder of the Halifamous Wilderbeats, Moffat also paired up with singer-songwriter Joyce Saunders to write, record, and release two children’s nature albums: “The Wilderbeats Live” (2001) and “Second Nature” (2003). The Wilderbeats had a couple of ECMA nominations and NSMW nominations and toured all over Nova Scotia, reaching as far as Alberta and Newfoundland, playing in crowded gyms, libraries, and auditoriums, for kids of all ages.

Moffat and Saunders dismantled the original band a few years ago, when Ashley found herself with less and less time for music, working full time for Parks Canada at Kejimkujik. Saunders continued with the band name and joined up with another performer to write new music for the new Wilderbeats.

Nearly a decade after her last recording and a year after her father’s sudden passing, Ashley Moffat makes a surprise re-appearance with a sparkly new album that displays her unique and natural talents as a songwriter for children and adults, as well as her passion for the wilderness. “Wild About Nature” (2012) is a solid blend of Moffat’s quirky and catchy nature tunes about sea cucumbers, bats, owls, beavers, and even pandas. Produced by Benn Ross, the album features the likes of Benn Ross, Old Man Luedecke, John Parker, Clive MacNutt, Joyce Saunders, and Joel Plaskett. Charged up, and ready to go another round, Little Miss Moffat re-emerges onto the music scene with a renewed commitment to just do what she loves: write, record, and play music.