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"I think I've learned more in the last two years than I have in my whole life," says Lillix's Tasha-Ray, "like where I fit in, who my real friends are, what I believe in and what really matters in life." It was all of these life lessons and experiences that inspired the songs on the band's long-awaited sophomore album, Inside The Hollow, taken from a lyric in the song "Sweet Temptation (Hollow)." "That song is about finding truth and happiness or whatever you want to call the positive inside the dullness of what today's world can bring," waxes Burns. "It's ultimately positive and hopefully encouraging, about letting go over pretensions and expectations and just being yourself."

Recorded by producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers) and James Michael (Alanis Morrissette, Motley Crue), the band wanted to evolve their sound and get back in touch with their rock 'n' roll roots. Completely enamored by '80s music and classic rock, Lillix were crossing their fingers and toes that the producer of the Killers' multi-platinum smash Hot Fuss would take a chance on them. "We sort of thought [Saltzman] would brush us off as not being 'hip' enough, but he really liked what he heard and said yes to the gig," says Burns. As for the girls’ hand with this, in addition to writing the material on the record, they are also credited for their production services.

Heavily inspired by the likes of the Cure, Joy Division and the Faint, Lillix wanted to capture a more mature sound-something that really reflected where they were in their lives. For example, "Just Like You" is about how Tasha-Ray and Lacey-Lee came to terms with the loss of their grandfather. "My and Tasha's Deda ("Grandpa" in Russian) passed away four days before recording Inside The Hollow. That song is about him, the person he was and the memories we had together," recalls Lacey-Lee.

From dealing with death, Lillix also shine light on the finer points of life-like being your own person and standing up for your sanity-as heard on "Blackout."[The song] is about the worst case scenario of a social meltdown where everyone gives in and loses their identity, following what the media tells us is right," says Burns. "Like [being] skinny, [having] Botox and keeping your mouth shut." But let's not forget about love; there's plenty of that four-letter word providing inspiration on Inside The Hollow.

"Tempo Change" is a song Lacey-Lee holds close to her heart because it's about her relationship with a special someone. "The title works with the way our lives have changed together, but it was originally a nickname for the song because of the [actual] tempo change from verse to chorus." With the addition of drummer Alicia Warrington, the Lillix sisterhood is stronger than ever and is looking forward to touring the world in support of Inside The Hollow. See and hear what all the excitement is about when Lillix hits the road this summer.