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Lady Hayes

After wrapping a year long tour of Canada while singing in alt-country group Revival Dear, Lady Hayes' began writing her own material - a productive six-month period yielded over two hundred songs. A shift in musical direction was cause to pursue solo avenues and work on her album, which began as a group of DIY tracks, roughly titled the Kitchen Table Demos. These recordings impressed producers Noel Webb (Skydiggers) and Saam Hashemi, who teamed up to help weave together what would become Lady Hayes' debut record Opening Hearts & Apertures. One of the first tracks off the record is entitled "So Young", a haunting piece which took its influence from viewings of dusty super 8 footage from Lady Hayes' childhood vacations. Other album highlights include "Recipe for Disaster", a track that steams along with help from a subtle brass section, and the emotional all-at sea interrogation which is "Shipwrecked or Stolen".

With a myriad of influences, from Peggy Lee to Nirvana, there is bound to be a sound in this lady's library for folks as varied as the truck stop waitress and the teenage MTV set. Her wistful sound is hard to pigeonhole - some may hear elements of folk and roots rock, but a combination of modern storytelling and production allow beautiful pop-oriented melodies to shine through. Part wistful song bird, part rock n' roller, and powerful vocals offset a sound that is every bit as raw as it is delicate.

Opening Hearts & Apertures was released on Feb 5th 2011, and will be followed by a late spring tour - having already shared the stage with great acts like Joel Plaskett, Peter Elkas, Good Lovelies, By Divine Right, Rob Szabo, Peter Katz and Emma Lee, audiences can look forward to more live music from a burgeoning member of Canada's musical community.