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Paul Lahey (voice/guitar)
Calvin Lee Brown (guitar)
Andrew McMullen (drums)
Malcolm McKitrick (bass)

"Leviride perform some really beautiful music. Beautiful in that they can come across as a wonderful mix of The Clash and AC Newman if that was at all possible." - ChartAttack.com

LEVIRIDE is synonymous with short, sweet rock epics. With a sound that varies from a hint of aggressive, melodic punk to gorgeous, lush guitar rock, Leviride kicks out its' own brand of anthemic indie rock.

Founded in 2001 by singer-guitarist Paul Lahey and drummer Andrew McMullen, the band also features lead guitarist Calvin Lee Brown, and bassist Malcolm McKitrick.

As a unit, Leviride casts the ephemeral into granite-hard post-punk songs that are intoxicatingly melodic.

On the band's critically acclaimed full-length 2004 CD, "Nothing's Getting Better" (produced by Stephen Pitkin -- Elliot Brood, The Flashing Lights), songs such as "And Then I Depart" and "Big Black Limousine" rise like a mountain of sound, in a fashion described by Exclaim magazine as "a peppy punk-to-blistering rock dynamic".

With over 3,000 copies of Nothing's Getting Better independently sold in 2004-05 and after charting on campus radio charts across Canada and the U.S., the band eclipsed the 1,500 copies sold of its' self-titled debut CD-EP (released in 2001). Endless North American-based touring and a blistering live show has helped solidify Leviride as an up and coming band not to be missed on the indie rock club circuit.

Leviride's new full-length sophomore album "Night Of The Drive-By" will be released on November 7, 2006 through Addictive Records/Universal Music Canada and will be available in-stores across Canada as well as released digitally worldwide. This allows the CD to be available anywhere on the planet via major digital music retailers including iTunes, PureTracks, HMV, VirginUK, etc. A CD release for North America is being plotted.

Recorded and produced by L.A.-based producer Frank Gryner (White Zombie, The Dandy Warhols, The Crystal Method) and featuring singer/songwriter Emm Gryner contributing background vocals on two songs, the 13-song album features the kick-off single "Your Remains".

With tour plans abound in Canada and the U.S. in autumn 2006, Leviride will get transatlantic in 2007.