Liane de Lotbinière

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What Is Beautiful Artist: Liane de Lotbinière
Title: What Is Beautiful
Year: 2000
$16.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Radiate 3:16 No  
2 Started A Fire 3:24 Yes  
3 Apple Core 3:37 No  
4 C’est Magique 3:01 No  
5 Who 4:23 No  
6 Hands 3:42 No  
7 E Song 3:22 No  
8 Ce Beau Matin 3:40 Yes  
9 Special 4:22 Yes  
10 Fine 3:31 No  

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Joao Carvalho at Umbrella Sound
Additional engineering by Liane de Lotbinière

Musicians: Liane de Lotbinière (vocals, guitar, piano, SW radio, percussion), Joao Carvalho (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, programming, moog, squeeze box, percussion), Lisa Boudreau (vocals), Paul Brennan (drums), Charles Carvalho (drums), Marc Chartrain (drums), Martin Farmer (bass), Scott Kaija (guitar), Darrell O’Dea (bass)