Liane de Lotbinière

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What is Beautiful is a multi-layered work that effortlessly embraces all that Liane de Lotbinière is passionate about.

This collection allows an array of talents to shine through: Liane's knack for wordplay, her beautiful voice, her diverse bi-lingual upbringing and her ambient sensibilities. What is Beautiful is a multi-format record.

"I love the low-fi/hi-fi hybrid, " explains Liane. "using crackly old crangy local sounds, bits of instruments and samples with real instruments, 8 bit with 24 bit. Great production with not so great, 4 track with Pro Tools and reel to reel tape - combinations which create a space within my music and songs that works beautifully with the way they are arranged. I love hooks; memorable melody lines explored by all instruments not just vocals. As for words; they come out of nowhere, get edited down, and before you know it, there's a story".

Now an accomplished composer, Liane created the score for When Morning Comes, which was shown at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival. She is currently writing music for Spanish Film Festival winner: Getting Off.

The single "Who" taken from What Is Beautiful has recently been licensed for the CTV series: The Associates.

"Writing music for film is my life-long passion. Music can conjure up pictures, support them; there is so much space to implement all the things I love to I am actively pursuing work in this area."

Liane also writes, co-writes and produces. "Streamlining someone's creative ideas and pulling out the hooks is really cool. Sometimes artists can't see the trees in a forest of creative activity. This is a very energizing process: essentializing. Being a producer/engineer, able to capture this creativity, is fantastic"

Prior to her solo career, Liane was one of two leading members in Bellygod, a successful Indie band signed to MCA. The band released Bite my Lip in 1995 but disbanded later that year only to regroup as Sugarfield (1996-1997).

"I went solo in 1997. It was time to play guitar and start to record myself. I began making sounds, marrying them with music, making accessible songs: simple songs with simple parts interwoven together to create a simple complex story. The experience seemed so...delightful, and still is."