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Lake Ontario Waterkeeper


At the Barricades: Volume 1 is the first of three compilations of sensational music from an all-star roster of artists assembled by celebrated Canadian musician and producer Chris Brown for Toronto-based environmental justice charity Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

At the Barricades: Volume 1 features new tracks from: Broken Social Scene, Sarah Harmer, Bill Frisell, Boi Brasileiro & Scotty Hard, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner, Stars, Dave Bidini, and Tony Scherr. Also found on the compilation are songs from Bruce Cockburn, Pete Seeger, Mads Mouritz, Gordon Downie & Atom Agoyan, and Sex Mob. The music is impassioned and reflective, emotive and provoking: a powerful companion to the Waterkeeper movement.

Brown, who has traveled and recorded with B.B. King, The Tragically Hip, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, and Kate Fenner, was spurned into action after settling into life on Wolfe Island, where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario. "At the Barricades reflects the efforts of artists committed to the fight for clean air and water,” says Brown.

At the Barricades is exciting for every person who cares about Lake Ontario," says Waterkeeper and President of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Mark Mattson. “These artists are joining Waterkeeper at the grassroots, where ordinary citizens are struggling to break down the barriers to fair, democratic, and just environmental decision-making.”


Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (Waterkeeper) is an environmental justice organization committed to advocating clean water and strong communities around Lake Ontario. We are working diligently to win back Lake Ontario – to restore our watershed’s natural assets and to ensure that every community has equal access to natural justice.

We conduct academic, legal, and field research. We aid communities struggling to use environmental laws to protect their rights. We mentor law students, using our Clean Water Workshop to inform their justice work. And, we educate the public about threats to clean water and opportunities to make wise, informed decisions for the future.

Every day, we bear witness to the injuries inflicted on our water quality, our communities, and our local economies. Too often, these losses take the form of depleted fisheries, contaminated beaches, filthy urban rivers, and the chemical cocktails that lurk at the bottoms of our harbours.

While Lake Ontario is often considered irreparably polluted, as active members of the waterfront community, we know this is not true – there is hope. Waterkeeper fights to move environmental processes back into the public realm where democratic decision-making and sound evidence will determine the future of Lake Ontario.

'Living at the Barricades' Weekly Podcast

‘Living at the Barricades’ began broadcasting in August 2007 from in Toronto and on CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston, ON. The show is dedicated to telling stories of environmental justice. We regularly interview individuals and groups who are at the frontlines of environmental protection in their community. Past interviews include musician-activists Dave Bidini and Sarah Harmer, local environmental advocates, and a variety of scientific experts. The show is a meeting place that educates, connects local struggles, and supports the efforts of communities fighting for access to clean water. 'Living at the Barricades’ aims to empower, develop, and expand a grassroots network of people committed to environmental and social justice. This network includes a number of dedicated artists linked to the Waterkeeper movement. Each week features short selections from musicians, writers, poets, and more.

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