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Augusta Artist: Kurt Swinghammer
Title: Augusta
Year: 2004
$16.00 CDN 
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(approx. EURO 10.36 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Rose of Montorse -- No  
2 Pale Green Glow -- No  
3 Kensington -- No  
4 Wind In The Sail -- No  
5 Theory of Relativity -- No  
6 One More Time -- No  
7 Empty Sky -- No  
8 Green Face -- No  
9 Most Beautiful Girl at the Fair -- No  
10 Short & Sweet Goodbye -- No  
11 Augusta -- No  

Live, solo acoustic performances by Kurt Swinghammer

Recorded by Ron Skinner at the CBCís Glenn Gould Studio

Augusta is a collection of previously unreleased songs that are favorites at Kurtís live solo shows. The folk pop ditties showcase his witty wordplay and impressive acoustic guitar chops. Ron Sexsmith has been known to cover The Most Beautiful Girl At The Fair, which he says is his favorite Swinghammer composition.

The Glenn Gould Studio is one of the most highly acclaimed facilities in North America - a unique state of the art recording studio designed as a concert hall.

The colourful cover art is by Kurt.

Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed CD Artist: Kurt Swinghammer
Title: Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed CD
Year: 2004
$10.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $7.73)
(approx. EURO 7.12 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Bloodletting 2:28 No  
2 Crawl 4:37 No  
3 Hunted 3:58 No  
4 Beneath The Skin 0:59 No  
5 Grope Therapy 2:02 No  
6 Get Grannyís Gun 2:36 No  
7 Mostly Ghostly 4:35 No  
8 Leapiní Werewolves 1:36 No  
9 Welcome Home Waltz 1:22 No  
10 Institutional Green 2:25 No  
11 Chase Scene 2:47 No  
12 Shears 1:27 No  
13 Reflection 3:42 No  
14 Poly Youíre Insane 1:14 No  
15 Dear Deer 3:02 No  
16 Purple Drug 7:02 No  

Written, performed and produced by Kurt Swinghammer
Vocal by Lori Cullen
Mastered by Ron Skinner

Kurt edited his score to the cult fave horror film to create this special version for CD. It has been compared to Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin with itís intense industrial beats and ambient noise. One of the very few original soundtracks to a Canadian film released on CD.

Black Eyed Sue Artist: Kurt Swinghammer
Title: Black Eyed Sue
Year: 2001
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Open 0:45 No  
2 Bartlett Street 3:09 No  
3 No One Knows 3:20 No  
4 Spain 4:00 No  
5 Camouflage 2:39 No  
6 Civic Kiss 3:34 No  
7 2.4 Million 3:05 No  
8 Bathurst Street 2:26 No  
9 Out Of Thin Air 3:34 No  
10 The Signature Of Marilyn Churley 2:52 No  
11 Memories Employ 3:13 No  
12 Lunar Lines 3:14 No  
13 Sea Of Yesterdays 3:28 No  
14 Love Song Too Late 2:21 No  
15 Closed 1:38 No  

Recorded by Kurt Swinghammer at Cultural Engineering
Mixed by Greg OíShea at Umbrella Sound, Toronto, ON
Musicians: Kurt Swinghammer (vocal, guitar, keyboards, moog, autoharp, glockenspiel, suspended bicycle), Maury Lafoy (upright bass), MarkMariash (percussion), Mike Olsen (cello), Sara McElcheran (trumpet, recorder, french horn), Oliver Schoer (violin), Dane Matheson (accordion), Pat OíGorman (uilleann pipes), Graham Powell (backing vocals), Mia Sheard (vocals), Rob Piilonon (flute)

Black Eyed Sue is a song cycle that was entirely written, recorded, and mixed in a marathon, uninterrupted 3 month session. The lyrics deal with a non-fictional relationship set against a backdrop of Toronto streets, apartment buildings, and City Hall. The instrumentation is entirely acoustic, with creative arrangements that range from acoustic guitar with haunting uilleann pipes, to dense Beach Boys inspired multiple part vocal choirs with strings and brass.

It has been described as a cross between Nick Drake and Burt Bacharach, two of Kurtís songwriting heroes. The result is a unique approach to the age old love song, with lyrics that balance light hearted and poignant moments.

The CD comes with a lavish 24 page full colour booklet designed by Swinghammer.

Vostok 6 Artist: Kurt Swinghammer
Title: Vostok 6
Year: 1999
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 6-16-63 1:55 No  
2 Blue 4:17 Yes  
3 Nocturne 1:41 No  
4 Of A Dream 3:29 No  
5 MC Squared 0:54 No  
6 The First 4:41 No  
7 Vostok 6 2:49 Yes  
8 White Russians 3:42 No  
9 Star City 3:25 No  
10 Mercury 1:05 No  
11 Cold War 3:43 No  
12 Dark 4:44 Yes  
13 Falling Star 4:37 No  
14 Retro Rocket 1:55 No  
15 Valentina 6:17 No  
16 Seagull 4:42 No  
17 Dawn 5:58 No  

Written, performed and produced by Kurt Swinghammer
Produced and Recorded by KS at Cultural Engineering 96/97.
Mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Mastered and edited by Joao Carvalho
First released on Cultural Engineering 10/99
Re-released on Righteous Babe 09/00
Musicians: Kurt (vocals, guitars, bass, minimoog, keyboards, drum machine, dumbek, theremin, harmonica, treatments), Mark Dailey (Star City TV Announcer), Rod Diogratis (Star City sound FX sequence), Maury Lafoy (upright bass), Sarah McElcheran (trumpet), Jennifer Moore (vocals), Mia Sheard (vocals), Tyler Stewart (MC Squared).

On June 16, 1963, 26 year old Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. Code-named Seagull, she orbited the earth for close to 3 days in her capsule Vostok 6. During months of rigorous training at Star City, the centre of the Soviet space program, Valentina fell in love with fellow cosmonaut Andrian "Velvet Eyes" Nikolayev. They wed shortly after her historic mission and together conceived another milestone - the first child born to parents who had both experienced space travel. This song cycle was inspired by her pioneering achievements.

Vostok 6 is a carefully crafted hour long seamless piece of concept music that has several recurring themes and a cinematic like scope. The CD is full of unusual textures and details, and has won over many fans with itís high creative standard.

The band Kitchen Music covered Falling Star at live shows, and National Ballet Of Canadaís Artist In Residence Peggy Baker choreographed a solo dance to the track Dawn. Ron Sexsmith and the CBCís David Wisdom both named Vostok 6 as one of their favorite CDís of 1999. Ani Difranco re-released it internationally on her label in 2000, and cited it as an important inspiration and influence on her To The Teeth CD, which she asked Kurt to play on.

Remote Artist: Kurt Swinghammer & Andy Stochansky
Title: Remote
Year: 1999
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Ramp 0:38 No  
2 Welcome Wagon Man 5:46 Yes  
3 My Wha Wha Receives 0:32 No  
4 Grandma and the Bee 2:36 No  
5 Bird Wedding At Big Rothko 6:06 No  
6 DSD 2 (for Kim Mitchell) 1:20 No  
7 Crater 7:39 No  
8 Post Industrial Park 0:56 No  
9 The Potato Chip Eaters 2:03 Yes  
10 Bon Voyage 5:51 Yes  
11 Exhaust 3:30 No  

Recorded in October 96 by Kurt at Cultural Engineering, Toronto, ON and Andy at Population 60 Terra Cotta
Mixed and edited with David Travers-Smith at 1:2:1
Mastering plus additional mixing and editing by Joao Carvalho at Umbrella Sound, Toronto, ON

Kurt (vocal, guitar, bass, minimoog, vocoder, drum machine, lap steel guitar, harmonica, ebow, cookie tin & tambourine, hand claps, treatments, atmosphere, etc)
Andy (vocal, rhythm loops, slams, piano sound, looping, dumbek, bell)